Friday, May 14, 2010

#WildHorseHealing Vision Quest/Meditation

As I am preparing myself for our second #wildhorsehealing meeting on tweetchat, I feel it would be a good time to clarify some of my thoughts on this next installment.  

This type of energy work focused within a group is very powerful and as such needs to be treated with the utmost integrity and positive intention.  

It is always better to open up the channels of love and understanding without trying to influence others free will. To do so would be a form of manipulation and any misuse of energy, even if it is done innocently will be returned.

It is important to not pray to sway others but to open channels with love and understanding, so the best possible outcome for all concerned will be achieved.

I have included a meditation I would like to share with you. It came to me as I was sharing space with my equines. Please feel free to use this as a guide or a jumping off point for your own vision quest.  A nice addition may be to burn some sage as this is native to the wild horse’s home ranges. 

Feel free to do your meditation/vision quest at any time that is convenient. Prior to the tweetchat meeting, try to take some time to center yourself and tune into the group. Always ask for personal protection when entering into an energetic space. 

We will be meeting Monday, May 17 at 10 pm EST-7 pm PST.

To participate, go to tweetchat, log in with your twitter name and enter the #hashtag #WildHorseHealing in the space provided.     

Meditation/Vision Quest

The air is cool and clear as you set out on the path.  It meanders along ancient stone walls and as you walk along the grass carpeted path you feel a sense of purpose.  You are relaxed and calm but energized. 

The twigs and fallen leaves crunch under your feet in a rhythmic cadence.  You hear all the sounds of nature and with each step you feel more and more connected to your source.

The path leads past rivers and waterfalls and opens up in a vast meadow.  As you cross the meadow you notice all the birds and animals peacefully co existing with you.  You become aware that you can see each and every blade of grass moving. 

You hear wild horses in the distance and are eager to follow where they are leading.  They take you to the edge of the meadow and as if by magic, you are now in a beautiful desert with skies of golden orange and clouds that seem to breathe with the earth. 

In the distance you see a faint campfire and are drawn to it.  The wild horses are leading you to the campfire. As you get closer you see there is a man sitting by the fire. He is surrounded by books and legal pads.  He seems relaxed but engaged in deep thought.  As you approach he sees you and smiles, genuinely happy to see you.  He stands and introduces himself to you – he will be hearing the legal case on the Calico Complex wild horses. 

He invites you to join him and recognizing you as someone who has understanding of the situation, he asks you to share your thoughts with him, so he may have a better understanding. 

You share with him all your experiences with wild horses.  You share any and all experiences that you feel will help him make a wise, and if need be, a courageous decision in the case.   

There is all the time in the world for this exchange. He is listening and cares what you are saying.  He offers to share with you what he has written in his notes. 

You take time to listen to what he is sharing with you. 

When you feel the time is right you rise to leave.  He rises with you and you exchange a handshake or an embrace, with heartfelt gratitude that he has listened and shared.  

You take a moment or two to share your strength, courage and wisdom with him as he does with you.  As you leave for home, he sits again beside the fire and takes up his books.   The wild horses rejoin you.           




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