Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some #WildHorseHealing thoughts for May 17th 10 pm EST on tweetchat


With the ruling on the lawsuit regarding the Calico Complex, Nevada wild horses due no later than May 25th we should think about beginning to surround the judges deliberations with our positive loving thoughts for a ruling that is in the best interests of all concerned in the situation.  Many will be effected by his verdict in this case. 

Since it is best not to try to directly influence anyone when working on an energetic level, as this is a violation of someone else’s free will, I would like to share some of my thoughts.

If we each mediate on what our experiences with the wild horses and what the experiences mean to us we can open up a line of communication with Judge Friedman so he can feel and understand aspects of the situation that he may not otherwise understand.   

By meditating on and then sharing our feelings and thoughts on the wild horses, their home ranges, our public lands and what is happening to those formerly free horses now in captivity we can open a pathway of communication that will enable Judge Friedman to rule with courage, honesty and understanding.  

The idea behind this wild horse healing session will be that through our meditation/healing we share fully with the judge what the situation means to us and by doing so we bring a fuller experience of the situation to the judge so he can make a fair decision. 

A possible meditation can take the form of a conversation between your higher self and another’s higher self, an exchange of ideas, thoughts and feelings.

A river flows both ways. We can allow ourselves to be open to gaining new understanding into aspects of the situation we may need to understand.

Sometimes I like to think of having a conversation with someone’s guardian angel. 

More will follow on a specific meditation since some find that helpful but by beginning to think about these things may be of help in opening up the flow of energy to this next meditation/healing.      

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