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#MustangMedicine May 20,2010-10 pm EST on tweetchat-Focus Agenda

I thought it would be nice to begin the first #MustangMedicine group meeting with something very special.  

Please do these if you choose and at your leisure.

We will join together on Thursday’s beginning on May 20th in tweechat at 10 pm EST and 7 pm PST.

Use hashtag #MustangMedicine.

I would like to share two techniques which I believe can help us to send our love and positive thoughts to the wild horses, and to anyone involved with the horses and burros. The techniques will also help us open a line of communication from the wild horses to us and gain their wisdom to help us in our lives.

The techniques are valuable tools that can be used in any aspect of your life and possibly the situation that wild horses are facing reminds you of an area in your life that needs love and healing. The horses are our close allies and they are here to help us as well.

Then I would like to finish with any experiences that anyone would like to share on the vision quest I had written. I have heard from several people who had profound experiences with it. I reposted the vision quest at the bottom of this page for convenience.   

The first technique is opening the healing channel of compassion called heartlink to Angels and human heartlink. I learned the first one about 6 years ago. The second is a technique I learned about 17 years ago and is called the Golden Staircase. Both techniques have been of great help to me.

                     Heartlink to Angels

Opening the Healing Channel of Compassion

From: Integrated Energy Therapy by Steven J. Thayer, The Center of Being, Inc.

Heartlinks are a divine offering from Angel Ariel to humankind. A heartlink is an energy cord or channel that we establish between our heart center and the heart center of another. Heartlinks serve as a tool that fill us to the overflowing with integrated energy (the angel energy of compassion), and we then share this energy with others. There are two types of heartlinks, angelic and human.

An angelic heartlink is an energy cord we send vertically from our heart up through our throat, third eye and crown chakras, to connect with the heart of our angel of healing. Just follow this simple 5 step procedure to establish your heartlink

1.   Bring your awareness to your heart center

2.   In the way that is perfect and right for you, offer a prayer of gratitude to your higher power and to your angel of healing.

3.   Project a golden energy cord from your heart up through your throat, third eye and crown chakra and up into the highest realms of the universe with the intent of connecting to the heart of your own angel of healing.

4.   Start the flow of energy in the heartlink by sending the energy of love and gratitude up the heartlink to your angel.

Open your heart, and take in the love that your angel is sending to you. Your angel’s love will be ten times stronger than the love you sent. Bring the love into your heart, and let it continue to build until you feel the energy overflow.

Automatic Activation: Once you have performed these 5 steps, they will be instantly performed by your subconscious mind each time you touch your thumb to the middle finger of either hand.


                    Human Heartlink

A human heartlink is an energy connection that you establish with a human (animal) soul. The soul can be in the physical body or the realm of spirit. The steps to establish a human heartlink are as follows:

1.   Establish an angelic heartlink

2.   Bring to mind an image of the being to whom you are creating a human heartlink

3.   Send forth a golden energy cord from your heart to their heart.

4.   Start the flow of energy in the heartlink by sending the energy of love and gratititude from your heart over the heartlink to their soul.

Let the energy continue to flow down from your angelic heartlink, through  your heart and through your human heartlink.


                  Golden Staircase

In this technique you visualize yourself at the bottom of a tall golden staircase.  You ascend the steps of the golden stairs and at the top of the stairs there is a door. You open the door and see the person or being you wish to communicate with. You then speak with them, sharing your thoughts and feelings. It is as my dad used to say, heart speaks to heart. And it is a great was to communicate with someone when they are at a distance.


Vision Quest

The air is cool and clear as you set out on the path.  It meanders along ancient stone walls and as you walk along the grass carpeted path you feel a sense of purpose.  You are relaxed and calm but energized. 

The twigs and fallen leaves crunch under your feet in a rhythmic cadence.  You hear all the sounds of nature and with each step you feel more and more connected to your source.

 The path leads past rivers and waterfalls and opens up in a vast meadow.  As you cross the meadow you notice all the birds and animals peacefully co existing with you.  You become aware that you can see each and every blade of grass moving. 

You hear wild horses in the distance and are eager to follow where they are leading.  They take you to the edge of the meadow and you are now in a beautiful desert with skies of golden orange and clouds that seem to breathe with the earth. 

In the distance you see a faint campfire and are drawn to it.  The wild horses are leading you to the campfire. As you get closer you see there is a man sitting at the fire. He is surrounded by books and legal pads.  He seems relaxed but engaged in deep thought.  As you approach he sees you and smiles, genuinely happy to see you.  He stands and introduces himself to you – he will be hearing the legal case on the Calico Complex wild horses. 

He invites you to join him and recognizing you as someone who has understanding of the situation, he asks you to share your thoughts with him, so may have a better understanding. 

You share with him all your experiences with wild horses.  You share any and all experiences that you feel will help him make a wise, and if need be, a courageous decision in the case.   

There is all the time in the world for this exchange. He is listening and cares what you are saying.  He offers to share with you what he has written in his notes. 

You take time to listen to what he is sharing with you. 

When you feel the time is right you rise to leave.  He rises with you and you exchange a handshake or an embrace, with heartfelt gratitude that he has listened and shared. 

You take a moment or two to share your strength, courage and wisdom with him as he does with you.  As you leave for home, he sits again beside the fire and takes up his books.   The wild horses rejoin you.           

A nice addition to the vision quest could be to burn some sage which is a familiar smell to wild horses.

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