Saturday, May 15, 2010

Insights from Klaus Hempfling on Horses & Man

I would like to share a letter from Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling that explains so much about horses and man.

In the past of human beings horses

have always been a symbol of how each individual deals with the world, with its challenges and threats. 

Formerly humans were together with horses, to be able to understand and deal with life in a better way.

All the mechanisms which the humans have created in modern times, were actually supposed to help. But it now becomes more and more obvious, how they are, in their own dynamic, turning against the humans – almost like an inevitable natural disaster. How vulnerable it has all become. A tiny country in Europe, actually of minor commercial importance, is facing national bankruptcy but the real threats are the ‘markets’, which are just about to ‘crack’ and eat up one of the strongest currencies on the globe – with profits of milliards for the global gamblers. Governments appear powerless.

A small cloud of ashes in the air paralyses the air traffic, today centre point of many areas of communication and trading. How immense are the threats. Unbelievable amounts of oil flow out in the Golf of Mexico and an environmental disaster of unforeseen dimensions is threatening. Technique, business, trading – the humans’ instruments are out of control. With unforeseen consequences for each individual, for nature and for humanity as such.


We are concerned with the horse – but the horse is concerned with the world. And that is the only reason at all why I personally went to the horses. It was told about one of the ancient Kings, that he was unable to rule his country, because he was not even able to handle his horse. At the end of the day a human always stands completely alone in front of a horse, in front of destiny or in front of the tremors of the world. And somehow that is, so our forefathers said, one and the same thing anyway. And the tremors of the world are meanwhile threatening to take on giant dimensions.


To mature and become a man, a boy of the Maasai people must kill a lion with bare hands. Many die in doing so, because they rely on their outer strength. Only he, who discovers and develops his inner strength and builds up on this, may accomplish the impossible. In the future, more and more, the absolute impossible will be expected from all of us. The signs are more than obvious – and isn’t it about time to ask how one should and could prepare for this? That might also be the reason why the theme ‘Horse’ is so present in the world in these times. For one, the horse is the devil’s foot. But for the other, it serves as reminder of that, which really counts; the essentials. And that is my focus, when I talk about horses. And that is the focus of the ancient sources of the world. They all recognized the horse as the main symbol of human freedom as such and as the symbol of the creative power and possibilities of each individual. And here lies the focus in the future.

In the light of the circumstances in the world I couldn’t leave it to remind of this once again. And I will continue doing so.




Warm regards


Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling




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