Sunday, May 9, 2010

Please join the #WildHorseHealing hashtag on tweetchat Monday 10 pm EST 7 pm PST


The overall concept is that as people are focusing loving energy on the wild horses, they are indeed sending healing energy to the situation.


By reaching out to one another and focusing loving energy on the wild horses and their current plight, we will be working to heal the deep wounds thousands of mustang families have suffered at the hands of the BLM and other vested interests.  


We will ‘meet’ there each Monday at the focus of our energetic intention will change as the situation evolves.


A guided meditation written by @fourlegsandasoul is below and will be available as a podcast on website soon to help you.


Please share this with your friends and loved ones, encouraging them to join, too.  The more people sending love to the wild horses and burros, the more power our healing movement has.  


Below is a guided meditation for week one of #WildHorseHealing




[Monday May 10th 10 pm EST and 7 pm PST]


Please join us for the Wild Horse Healing Meditation followed by a Twitter discussion using the #WildHorseHealing hashtag.  


Group distance healing has a tremendous ability to bring blessings to those in need.  It is not necessary for you to be a trained energy healer.  All that is required are your loving thoughts focused on the horses and hope for their future.  Intention is everything.  As you meditate, think of sending healing love and the horses will receive it.  The combined power of our group's positive intentions will be inspiring and will only become more vibrant as more people pray and meditate on the peace and freedom these magnificent wild horses and burros deserve.  The effect of our prayers will multiply as more and more souls join our #WildHorseHealing group.


Prior to joining the group discussion on Twitter, please set aside 15 minutes (more if you like) to meditate on the wild horses: those "gathered" into captivity in holding pens, those adopted out and living in unfamiliar surroundings, those still running free with their families, those who have been separated from their herds... all wild horses everywhere.  Please feel free to use the following script, to write your own or simply to meditate freely.  It may help you to record yourself slowly reading the script and then play it back to guide your meditation or prayer process.  By opening yourself to this journey on behalf of the mustangs who crave freedom, you are becoming a vessel through which love and healing and positive intentions can flow directly to the horses who need it most.  In addition, as a group, we will become a force for change with a unified voice to speak up and be heard by the BLM and other government agencies perpetrating atrocities against one of the greatest symbols of freedom America knows.


Thank you for reaching out and joining up.  Every voice and every heart counts.




Close your eyes and breathe deeply.  Take three deep breaths.  In through your nose and out through your mouth.  


Clear your mind and be present.  Begin to feel yourself relaxing into the moment.  


Feel the green of the earth reach up through the bottoms of your feet, connecting you to the natural world.  The vibrant green energy of Mother Earth fills you, surrounding and relaxing each cell of your body as it travels up through your legs to your heart.  


From above, feel the brilliant blue of the sky and Higher Power dropping down through the top of your head and behind your eyes and into your throat, merging with the green earth energy at your heart.


Swirling together in your heart, the vibrant green and brilliant blue become brighter and brighter until you cannot distinguish them and the light from your heart is blinding.  Silver white light expands your heart and fills your whole body from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and toes.  That bright light is the pure love in your heart, growing stronger and stronger.  This is your healing energy.  The truest expression of healing energy is love and compassion.


As this light grows brighter and brighter within you, the walls of the room fall away, the floor dissolves into the earth and you are outside.  Walking in a meadow.  Tall grasses grazing your legs as you move out into this beautiful open space.  Wildflowers just beginning to bloom.  


The air is fresh and cool and damp with dew.  The sun is low in the sky, gently warming the horizon.  In the distance, you hear a whinny.  A soft blowing neigh from a mare calling her foal closer.  You cannot see the horses but you smell them faintly and know they are not far.


Walking deeper into the meadow, you feel the land undulating into foothills dotted with trees.  And you hear the whinny again.  That soft sound almost like a sneeze.  Almost like the leaves of the trees rustling in the wind.  Such a gentle noise could easily be mistaken but it calls you and you feel sure the horses are near.  You follow the sound of the mare talking to her foal, gathering her family closer.


As you rise up into the hills, you take some time to appreciate the grandeur of your surroundings.  There are no other people.  The space goes on seemingly forever.  The sky is as wide and endless as you can imagine.  The smell in the air is so crisp but also so familiar and comforting.  The feel of the rough grasses tickles your feet as you continue to walk.  


And then you see him: a mustang stallion alone on the rise of a distant hill.  His black mane is backlit by sun as he shakes his head and arches his neck.  His profile is unmistakably regal and his protective stance makes his intentions clear.  His family grazes behind him.  Will he welcome you?  You take your time now, admiring his beauty, his freedom, his nobility.  And you treasure this moment, totally alone, observing the definition of wild peace.  


Take some time to listen to the stallion and learn from him.  He has gifts to share that are just for you.  Learn his secrets.


After awhile, the stallion turns and you understand that you can follow.  He is leading you to his herd.  You are welcome here.  This fills your heart with humble pride.  You are deeply touched.


You follow the stallion, walking in his steps, feeling the heat left behind in his hoofprints and the stories his hooves have to tell.  He shakes his mane and steps aside to reveal the whole herd.  Large and healthy, this wild herd has horses of every color, size, age and character.  You marvel at their beauty and the way they welcome you, surrounding you with their warm flanks and flicking tails.  


One of the horses reaches out to you, touching your hand with his or her muzzle.  Spend time with this mustang, learning who he or she is and what message he or she has for you.  This wild horse has much to share with you and much to ask of you.  Listen to what the wild horses need and how you can help them.  


Share the healing you are carrying in your heart.  Allow the bright white light in your heart to spread to all the horses, connecting your heart with theirs one by one until the whole hillside is suffused in brilliant silver light and the healing spreads across the country to wild horses everywhere.


Take your time sharing and experiencing the pure healing light.


When you are ready, say good-bye to the horses.  The stallion escorts you down from the hillside as you take your leave of his band of wild beauties.  


Eventually, the stallion must return to his family.  He allows you to touch him now and you run your hand along his sleek, shining coat.


And then you are walking alone through the meadow again, feeling the grasses swaying against your legs.  Taking one last deep breath of the sweet smell that permeates the wild horses' home.


Once again, you become aware of the room around you, the walls and floor and ceiling back in place.  You return to your physical body, rolling your shoulders, stretching, wiggling your toes and your fingers.


When you are ready, open your eyes and remember the love the wild horses have shared and the passion you feel to help them stay forever free.


Please join us on Twitter using #WildHorseHealing to share your experiences and ideas and honor the mustangs wild hearts.


Brooke Baxter

Four Legs & A Soul

... for a healthy, stress-free relationship with the animals in your life.




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