Friday, July 16, 2010

Grass Roots Activism Takes a Stand

Many people have asked me how this grassroots supported lawsuit to stop the Tuscarora roundup in Nevada cam about. 

I would like to share that and say this is just the beginning. 

Geographical location is not a hindrance to making a difference in the fight to save our wild horses. I took action right from kitchen counter.

Last week, when it came to my attention that no lawsuits were being filed to stop the Tuscarora roundup ( I just can’t call it a gather) grassroots activism took a stand.  Through networking, regular people were able to bring a lawsuit to stop the Tuscarora roundup and to make an argument that our First Amendment Rights are being violated by barring the public from witnessing and documenting what the government was doing to the horses on our public lands.  The argument that really got me fired up was the one that the BLM would be rounding up during foaling season.

Many newborn horses and pregnant and nursing mares would be stampeded along with the others. Babies and young horses who could not keep up would be left to die in the desert as the helicopters stampeded their mothers onward to capture pens.

All the horses would be driven over razor sharp volcanic rock.

As if what is being done to all our wild horses isn’t bad enough, this was too much to bear.

In record time we hired our own attorney to bring the suit with Laura Leigh, as a plaintiff with standing. Within 24 hours the papers were filed.

Through word of mouth, social networking sites, such as FaceBook and Twitter, we began to raise money for legal fees. People from all over the country who may have been less than pleased with the legal representation in the Calico case and the lack of lawsuits being brought to stop the roundups, joined forces by donating to our legal fund.  By being a grass roots group of individuals we are free to move fast, to keep our hands on the case and ensure that lawsuits are  being  brought on arguments that will win.  It is a time for action.  The goal is to challenge the BLM on every roundup from here on in. We have access to the expertise of the people who know the wild horse issue inside and out, are on the ground with eyewitness accounts. We have now and will always be sure to have legal representation that cannot be bought, co-opted or swayed from presenting the best case possible for our wild horses. 

Please join us. We are receiving no financial help from big organizations, and this is to our advantage for the above reasons.  We need funds to finish the Tuscarora case. The courts and congress are the only things that can stop the BLM from doing this to our horses. Congress won’t listen until we are successful in the courts. Our cases are good, really good, we have a shot at stopping this runaway train that is the BLM.

We have what may seem an ambitious goal but it is do able. Raising $100,000 would ensure we fight all roundups.  We have to give it a shot. Any help you can give will ensure the fight continues. If you may know of someone else who may help please ask them. This effects all citizens. The only place to donate to us and this endeavor is through which has a link to PayPal where our address is and which links to the same PayPal address.

This is the only place to donate to our legal defense fund.  

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  1. This is a great explanation of what we're all about, Mo! I've got quite a network via Amplify and Clipmarks, and I'm going to post this to them. Maye we'll get some more donations.