Friday, July 16, 2010

Tuscarora Wild Horse Lawsuit-July 16, 2010


There are so many things to be very happy about in this case so far. This judge is listening to us, he read all of the testimonies and actually understood that while BLM wanted him to believe that Tuscarora was one round up it was actually three roundups- judge understood that, which is why we still will have hearings on the Rock Creek and Little Humboldt.

The judge is allowing BLM to roundup the Owyhee horses because he believed their testimony that the horses would die. He does not want horse deaths on his hands. I would say that bodes very well for any roundups in foaling season. The judge is unfamiliar with the issue or BLM’s penchant for lying so he believed them.

So even though a so called ‘emergency’ roundup of the Owyhee horses is allowed, we cannot forget the superstar win, which is the upholding of our First Amendment right to witness and document what the government does to our horses on our public land.

The judge ruled the public cannot be denied although it can be limited in numbers. He ruled they cannot black out the area. That is a huge victory. It is the chink in the armor, the first of many to come. 

Also with the right to document the roundups comes the opportunity to prove that the BLM lied.

There will be TRO hearings for Rock Creek and Little Humboldt herd areas coming up shortly.  

Hopefully with witnesses and cameras on the Owyhee roundup, possibly no horses will die. The judge has left many doors open for us to set additional precedents.

This is a momentous day.  More will follow. Tonight I will drink to the Tuscarora wild horses who have died as a direct result of the arrogance and disregard for life and law by the Bureau of Land Management and their contractors who do their evil with them and enjoy the suffering they create.

Tonight I drink to the Tuscarora Twelve. Long may they live.  

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  1. Maureen, this is indeed good news and thanks to you and the other 3 who were able to take the time, effort and money of your own to make this happen. This is the only way we can achieve change that has been promised by many but delivered by very few. The tide is turning and the truth will come out. You have lit a light that will grow brighter and brighter and will no longer allow the BLM and their conspirators to hide. I will drink with you tonight for the mighty spirits of the Tuscarora Twelve that sacrificed for their families and the families still striving for permanent freedom. I will also drink to the Fighting Four that have taken the bull by the horns to bring that bull (BLM) down!!

    Keep it Up. We are with you. Dallas (Mr.Sly)