Saturday, July 17, 2010

Senator Reid Has Power to Stop Wild Horse Removal- tell his supporter Carole King- Idaho Wild Horse Advocate Rally- Hey Harry !

Good evening folks -attached is the map for our HEY HARRY RALLY - where we remind Senator Reid that has the power to stop the BLM's removal of the Wild Mustangs.
He has that power but he choses not to use it. In fact the infamous Senator Burns still claims Harry and he wrote the amendment in Harry's office - the amendment that gutted the 1971 Free-Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act. And Burns doesn't have much to gain by claiming that Harry instigated it. Burns lost his senate seat, Harry denied he was in on the amendment.
I used to believe Harry but not now; not as he stands back and pretends to work with Madeline Pickens and she says no he won't. So we need Harry's supporter Carole King - yes that Carole King - to know it. Carole is an ardent supporter of the Idaho Mustangs. She could stop raising money for Harry until he cancels congressional support for the arrogant actions of the BLM. But it is about as hard getting that message through to Carole - even on facebook - as it is difficult to get through to Harry when you are looking him right in the eye.

So we will be out with special posters, when Carole kicks off 'A VOLUNTEER DAY OF ACTION AT THE SUMMERLIN OFFICE HEADQUARTERS". Now either she doesn't know Harry like we know Harry (try working with his staff to get ecotourism and wild horse/burro preservation) or Carole is naive. We will make this a throwdown to Senator Reid - either you help end the outrageous roundups or you don't get votes from horse huggers. Like us.
So come on out at 9am to 11am tomorrow, Saturday July 17 at 810 South Durango, at the parking lot of a little office complex corner of Durango and Grandbank - that's south of Alta and north of Charleston. You might want to wear a hat and bring water. Wear red clothes if you can for the blood that will be spilled Saturday as the BLM rounds up 500 horses "to save them dying of thirst" as they told the judge Thursday in Reno.
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