Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Need Help in Arizona- this is what happens to ‘protected wild burros’


In a few short days, the government agency, Bureau of Land Management, for no explained reason  will target exclusively wild burros in Arizona, Cibola-Trigo herd. The ancestors of the wild burros truly built America. If anyone knows burros or donkeys the horror of their fate at hands of contractor sadists will hit you hard, especially if you look at the three pictures at the end of this page. They, nor we, deserve this, and they offer no acceptable reason, no reasonable explanation and we are expected to foot the bill, again, for this massacre. I will not pay for government sanctioned animal torture and abuse. I will not.
Now we see clearer still why BLM fights so hard to keep citizens and journalists out of viewing range even though Grass Roots Horse/Laura Leigh as plaintiff won the legal challenge that we have a right to witness and report on our government in action. 
We are not giving up,  nor are we going away ! This is too important.  Grass Roots Horse is the people. We are not a big entity intent on harvesting donor bucks to further self serving interests. Wild Horse and wild burro roundups must stop, public granted full access from roundup to long tern holding. Video cameras in all government and government contracted holding facilities. Government/BLM/DOI come clean on what is really slated for public lands and water rights.  
If you have any questions please e-mail me at

Please bring cameras, videos, phones, all manner of electronic capabilities to get the word out on what is happening. Watch loading of trailers and if possible where they actually end up, how many get on, how many get off.

I am MyFlyingCloud on twitter, tweet me and we will make sure you roundup tweets go far and wide. 

What to Know Before You Go

Cibola/Trigo Wild Burro Gather According to BLM

September 27 – 30, 2010

Where to Meet

All visitors and media must meet at Wheelie’s 76 Gas Station and General Store in Palo Verde, California, at 6:30 a.m.  The address is: 73 Main Street, Highway 78, Palo Verde, CA  92266



All visitors and media must have their own transportation.  Vehicles with 4-wheel drive are recommended, however, all vehicles must have high clearance.  Make sure the gas tank is topped off and tires, including spares, are properly inflated before traveling to the gather.



There are several hotels in Blythe, California, or Yuma, Arizona


Amenities at Wheelie’s

Gas Station, Small convenience store, Restrooms


Location Information

Palo Verde, California is approximately 21 miles south of Blythe, California, and approximately 65 miles northwest of Yuma, Arizona.  The viewing site for the gather is approximately 15 miles from Palo Verde, California.


Driving Directions from Yuma, Arizona

Take Interstate 8 west to Olgiby Road, exit 159

Turn right on Ogilby Road and go approximately 25 miles

Turn right on CA-78 and go approximately 28 miles to Palo Verde, CA


Driving Directions from Blythe, California

Take Interstate 10 west to CA-78/Neighbours Blvd., exit 236 towards Brawley

Turn left onto CA-78/S Neighbours Blvd/1-10 Bl. and follow for 7 miles

Turn right onto CA-78/28th Avenue for 3 miles

Turn left onto CA-78S Rannells Blvd. for 2 miles

Turn right onto CA-78/32nd Avenue and continue for 4.5 miles to Palo Verde, CA


Weather Conditions

Plan on temperatures of highs of upper 90’s and low 100’s, and lows of mid to upper 70’s.


What to Bring

Closed-toed sturdy shoes and hat

Sunscreen and First Aid Kit

Food and plenty of water


Toilet Paper

Camera with a good zoom lens

Chair or blanket to sit on the ground



We recommend that you do not bring your dog with you to the gather, however, if you must bring your dog, please note that they must be on a leash and in control at all times.


**There are NO restrooms at the viewing site, so please plan accordingly.

Why ? plz b there 2 make sure this does not happen again.

sic fun 4 blm and contractors. Be there and stop it by your presence

not on my watch or with my money

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