Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Donations to save Abandoned Florida Mustangs and to Honor a Good Man Betrayed

The 15 mustangs abandoned in Florida have quite a history. More on that later but right now, we need help.

Homes are secured for all fifteen- yippe. Auction is tomorrow !

We have to go to auction and bid against kill buyers and homes known to be unfit- fined or arrests for either cruelty or neglect. Nice system huh ?

Anyway- Brogan Horton is on the ground in Florida, representing the twitter, FB, rescues & regular people who care enough to take action for these mustangs. And WE NEED YOUR HELP. The horses need you.

We are raising funds in this effort and if you can help- the horses need you. Whatever you can give is needed and appreciated.

CJ Animal Acres has agreed to take donations through their site for us tax deductible too. Mention Florida Mustangs. Please add MyFlyingCloud too so I will know whose praises to tweet. Loudly !

The mustangs had belonged to Larry Jones, well know mustang lover and advocate who believed everyone needed to step up and be responsible for saving these mustangs from what he believed was the government/BLM plan to destroy them. He was betrayed by an even closer enemy, his son.

He dedicated his life to saving the mustangs and any horse needing a home found one with him, for life. Sadly this great man believed his family’s word that they would carry on his work and care for his beloved mustangs, many of whom were sweet, gentle saddle horses. He was wrong. He died of cancer in February 2009 and soon after his son began abandoning the horses in different locations, in batches- there were 90 horse in Larry’s herd. He sold some to the rodeo for “wild horse stock”- a horrific end for these horses he so loved and cherished. He dumped others in state parks and along rivers. 

Please pass this on to anyone who may help.      

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