Thursday, January 21, 2010

How I see the big picture of the Twitter Campaign to Stop the Wildhorse Round ups

How I see this working. We meet regularly in tweet chat to discuss strategy and to create concrete plans of action that we can take and recruit others to take. By doing this we create a campaign with legs rather than a hit or miss where we don’t know what to do or what anyone else is doing. 

We regularly recruit other members to join us and ask the same of them. Growing our numbers will be key in spreading the word and gaining some real clout. We will have more flexibility as a grass roots effort.

My goal would be that we have at least 5 people from EACH state. We need to cover the entire United States. With people from each state we can grow our numbers within that state and leverage our ability to put pressure on our state senators and representatives to audit the BLM and to call for declaration of a moratorium.

Many senators and reps are up for re election, our vote and influence will be important and we will let be very clear.

When we all act within our areas in tandem we increase the power of our message rather than a random hit to a media source or a public office.

We will begin Tweet Chat meetings privately and with an access code. That way we can build our numbers and gain momentum before we take it viral. This will also protect us from early infiltration by our opposition. Hopefully it will grow fast which I believe it will and at that time we will need the chats to be accessible.    

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